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Barista Making Drip Coffee

One 8oz Cup Recipe

  • Three Coffee Scoops (15gr)

  • 8 oz of Boiled Filtered Water

  • Ready to drink

*You may want to pour some water through the filter beforehand, as the filters may affect the taste of the coffee. This is usually a minor detail, but many baristas perform this to prevent the filter affecting the taste of those perfectly Roasted Coffeecol Beans.


Coffee Shop

One 8oz Cup Recipe

  • Three Coffee Scoops (15gr)

  • 8 oz of Boiled Filtered Water

  • Stir grounds in water and let sit for about 4-5 minutes.

* The best way to use a french press is to slow down and enjoy it. Take in the aroma of the coffee as the grounds are infused into the water and slowly start to trickle down to the bottom. Slowly press when ready to pour.


Cold Coffee

One 8oz Cup Recipe

  • Three Coffee Scoops (15gr)

  • 8 oz of Filtered Water

  • Leave in fridge for 12 - 24 hours

* There is a lot of wiggle room to explore with cold brewing. You may use pouches or some sort of cold brew device that folds the ground within the water, but you could also mix water and grounds and later separate with a filter (This is the method we like to implement). 


Pouring Coffee

One 8oz Cup Recipe

  • Three Coffee Scoops (15gr)

  • 8 oz of Filtered Water

  • Boil on Stove

* This largely depends on what size Moka Pot you have. If you have a smaller one then just do 4 oz of water with 1.5 coffee scoops or about 7.5gr.


Coffee Maker

Your little Coffee Guide


Triple Blended Coffee Beans

How do I know if it's Good Coffee?

We like to think of Specialty Coffee similar to that of a delicious fine wine. Just like wine, coffee beans will vary depending on factors like region, local climates, and method used to grow and harvest the coffee cherries.

Specialty Coffee will, most often, have a light or medium roast, to allow the beans flavors to pop. A very dark roast is most often a sign that it may be a lower quality bean as the darker roast will mask the true flavors of the coffee bean. But it does not necessarily mean that all dark roast coffee in the market is of lesser quality either.

Coffeecol is proud of our specialty coffee and of its quality. At Coffeecolbean Roastery , we choose to roast at a Med-Dark Roast where we preserve the nutrients and profile of the coffee while also infusing some of those rich and familiar flavors we love so much in darker roasts.

Should I Buy Whole Bean?

It depends, but yes, you probably should. We believe if you have the extra few minutes in the morning you should definitely think about grinding your own beans. The first benefit is that it's really fun and makes your morning that much more satisfying. 

Another benefit is that having your coffee as a bean rather than ground will preserve the coffee for much longer. It allows you to have a fresher cup of coffee by grinding before use.

Filtered Coffee
Pouring Coffee into Filter
Serving Coffee

What amount of coffee should I use?

Great question, unfortunately this is a very controversial topic as it really just comes down to preference. A good rule of thumb is about 60gr of Coffee for 1000 ml of water.


However, we should consider the method that we are using to make our cup of coffee. Keep in mind that not all of the water will end up as coffee when using the Pour Over Method, which isn't the case when using the French Press, you may have a bit more water that makes it to your cup of coffee. These small variations are good things to keep in mind and understanding what makes your cup of coffee that much better.

Receive a FREE Coffee scoop when you purchase a bag of specialty coffee today!

Do I really Need a Scale?

Over some time, you may become very good at eyeballing just the right amount for your morning brew, but if you really want to make certain that great cup of coffee every time, a scale is a must have. 

This is especially a must have if you truly want to experiment with different methods and preparations with a consistently great cup of coffee. When being your own barista it's important to understand what small changes impact your brew.

Coffee Stand
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