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So I Got My Arepas...Now What?

Thank You For Purchasing Coffeecol's Signature Arepas. You 're In For A Treat As Our Arepas Are Guaranteed To Satisfy You. 

Our Arepas Are Freshly Made and Frozen for One Day Before They Ship Out In Order To Help Maintain Its Moisture During The Shipping Process. We Recommend Refrigerating or Freezing Them Until They Are Ready To Be Consume.

Heating Instructions:

Our Arepas May Have An Intricate Handmade Process, But The Heating Instructions Are Easy For Our Customers. We Did All The Hard Work For You (Your Welcome).


So All You Have To Do Is First Defrost Your Arepa For 5-15 Minutes.

Next, Simply, Bake, Grill, or Toast your Arepa Until The Outside is Golden Brown or At Your Preferred Crispiness. Now Your Arepa Is Ready For Whatever Toppings Your Heart Desires.


PRO TIP: For A Perfect Cook Every Time- You Can Purchase Our Arepa & Tortilla Grill. Made with Heat Resistant Enamel and Operates On Top of Any Gas or Electric Stove. 


Storage Tips: Refrigerate Our Arepas or Freeze Them Once You Receive Them. You May Keep Them In Their Packaging In Order To Maintain The Moisture. They Are Best Consumed Within 7 Days After Opening and Can Be Frozen For Up To 6 Months.

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