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Your little Arepa Guide

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The Arepa originated hundreds of years ago and is a staple in the diet of many indigenous tribes across the geographic areas that are now Colombia.


The Arepa is a naturally delicious round patty of ground maize (corn). Arepas can be grilled, baked, fried, boiled or steamed and vary by color, flavor, and size. This versatile good can be topped or filled with combinations of ingredients like cheese, beans, meat, avocados, eggs, tomatoes, shrimp, etc.

Coffeecol Brand "Arepas" are different than any other Arepa on the market because it uses Natural Gluten Free Corn and we don't bother putting any preservatives, sugar, or salt. It's the perfect bread alternative! Naturally  Gluten-Free & Vegan


Heating Up

So All You Have To Do Is Defrost Your Arepa For 5-15 Minutes (if they are still frozen).

Next, Simply, Bake, Grill, or Toast your Arepa Until The Outside is Golden Brown or At Your Preferred Crispiness. Now Your Arepa Is Ready For Whatever Toppings / Stuffing Your Heart Desires.

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Storage Tips

Refrigerate Our Arepas or Freeze Them Once You Receive Them. You May Keep Them In Their Packaging In Order To Maintain The Freshness. They Are Best Consumed Within 7 Days After Opening and Can Be Frozen For Up To 9 Months sealed.

PRO TIP: For A Perfect Cook Every Time- You Can Purchase Our Arepa & Tortilla Grill. Made with Heat Resistant Enamel and Operates On Top of Any Gas or Electric Stove. 


How are They Made?

Our process is simple. 

1. We source great corn from American farmers. Believe it or not, this is one of the most important steps. We make sure to buy great quality corn so we can get that fresh natural corn taste as well as the health benefits of eating a healthy vegetable.

2. We Boil the Grits. We boil our grits in filtered watered to preserve the quality of the grits and to also get a much better tasting Arepa when we finish.

3. We put the boiled corn through a process of grinding to make to corn into a dough. At this point we are ready to go ahead and cook the corn on the grill, but first let's shape them up.

4. We then work the dough into its Coffeecol Arepa shape. This process is all done by hand and with love which makes every slice unique and special.

5. Time to Grill. We Grill the Arepa to serve in-store or pre-grill to be packaged, vacuum sealed, and shipped all over the United States.

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